Skins and walls from Ron Meijer
Some of you might already know that I have launched my new website, named Styl-X. After being online for just a few days, we have already finished our first design 'job'.

We were contacted by a french music website named NoreDelo, if we would like to make a banner for on top of their site.
you can find the site and the banner here: .

Thanks for the intrest,

Ron Meijer,
on Aug 04, 2003
Good looking site you have there. I did see one tiny flaw though; the splash page, the title says "Untitled Document",. now that cant be your intention..
on Aug 04, 2003
Mmmm...When you click on the Downloads>Photos link the top banner is a Wallpaper title "In gods eye 2" by an artist over at DA...maybe they were given permission?

Good goin' on your first job

on Aug 04, 2003
Congrats on your first job
on Aug 04, 2003
I really have to ask what you used for coding the site.

It could have been made alot more 'lightweight' with use of tables and gifs.

You might run into some huge issues with all the iframes, people don't like seeing "your browser does not support this"

Maybe consider redirecting users who can't view it.
on Aug 04, 2003
Yeah, I am going to do that. doomgaze, thanks for the advice, but when you have frames the site only loads the middle part evry time you follow a link, with tables it has to load the site all over again, and that makes it very slow.

Zodiaq, the noredelo site has a blue logo when you come in, That is the one I did, the others will be changed soon to, how they got those is not my busness
on Aug 04, 2003



yanno you can put an iframe in the middle of a table instead of doing the whole thing out of iframes

check out the w3 docs on iframes
on Aug 04, 2003
Looks pretty cool. Spelling flaw here (We prefer payment "trough" bank account.)I think there is supposed to be a h in there.. i know i always like mine to be perfect.
on Aug 04, 2003
haha, but doomgaze, who uses mozilla anyway , I tought it did work on opra (spelling? ) But hey, Iframes is invented by microsoft, no wonder that it dasn't work
on Aug 04, 2003
60% IE
40% mozilla is the current standings via my site and a bunch of other sites

they work
you just need to play with them and the padding of them
on Aug 04, 2003
Congratulations Stly skinner I am very happy for you this is wonderful news.
on Aug 04, 2003
Can't wait to see the aorta suite! Nice job on the site.
on Aug 05, 2003
thanks, the aorta suite will be finished about next week, and we will be uploading about a new screenshot of it evry 2 days.
on Aug 06, 2003
Good Luck on the new site.