Skins and walls from Ron Meijer
Published on August 13, 2004 By Styl-X Design In WinCustomize Talk
I would like a honest opinion about my new webdesign. Don't comment on spelling, I know, will be fixed in 2 day when it goes 'official'.

Thanks. Also, if you see any flaws in code/design, let me know.
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on Aug 13, 2004
btw, it will only be there for about 2 hours, after that, it will be back to the white 'comming soon screen'

and, is it VERY slow or "ok"
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on Aug 13, 2004
real original name
on Aug 13, 2004
Yes, I know, looking for something else at the moment
on Aug 13, 2004
site is offline again.

BTW Essencay, the name 'skindicate'/'the skindicate' has never been copyrighted. Also, there has never been a domain name for any of both.
Never been a website for both too, or well, maybe:, but this dasn't exist anymore.
The only thing for the name is that it has been used for 2 skinners to work togheter.
I came up with the name and after that I found out it had already been used before.

So, lets take a closer look. Skindicate is 'treetog' and 'dangeruss' (hope I am not forgetting anyone...)
It was used to create the suite "Polymer". So, what exactly is this suite?
Published: 15.10.2000

I mean, that is 4 years ago!

After contacting the "owners" of the name (witch is a bit tricky to say as there the name is 'nothing' exept for some usernames) I got 2 responces.
I wont say who gave what because that dasn't really matter. I got:

1 - Yes sure you can use it, I can see why you want to use it because its a great name. We have no further intensions of ever using the name again and also have no copyrights on it so go ahead...

2 - No you cant use it because We used it in the past and you would 'steal' our name (or the memories people would have with that name)...

I find it very hard to think that people who are my 'potential customer' will ever know that the name was used before. I am delivering custom interface designs, most of them 'high end'. (witch is already a huge diffrend then application skins).
AND, people who come to me and order a skin aren't familair with skinning, or atleast no 'regular skinners', if they were, they would have created the skin themself.

If they are no 'regular skinners' they could never know the name. I mean, I have been here for a while now and didn't know the name was used before.

I never would use the name if I didn't like it this much and heard some comments from other people that were telling me something else then the 'general' sound of this board

But hey, I will just wait and see how things come togheter, Still looking for a name so maybe I find a better one.
on Aug 13, 2004
How about SkinStyl? I promise I haven't copyrighted it, actually I just now made it up.
on Aug 14, 2004
Shame on you...Styl! People here have long memories. get over the name and move on....
on Aug 14, 2004
I LIKE Style-X

or X-Style

as in Gen X with Style
on Aug 14, 2004

Styl, are you still looking to go into the corporate identity business? If you are, then I stronly advise you to stay away from the Skindicate name. First, it has nothing to do with corporate identity, and second borrowing somebody else's identity isn't something I think you should do if you want to convince people you can create their own unique identity.  It doesn't matter that you didn't know about the Skindicate before. Now you do, and it's what you do with that information now that will tell people what kind of business you want to engage into.

And what's wrong with styl-x anyway? It's a great name. And a fitting one for corporate branding too.

on Aug 14, 2004
very much so

Style - (in a sans serif font slightly smaller with a hyphen trailing) X (in italic's and a very stylish serif font)

modern, business like, creative, now and Bold while still not being excessive...
on Aug 14, 2004
I will send some emails asking if it would be a prolbem if I used 'skyndicate' with an Y. This would avoid google searches to come up with treetog and russ.

Don't know who said it but I just love the slogan "We Will Make You An Image You CAN'T Refuse"

that one is just great
on Aug 14, 2004
Skindicate forgotten??? That's like forgetting the T-Ford.
on Aug 14, 2004
WTF is the T-Ford?
on Aug 14, 2004
Let's good my short term memory is (Thanks for the link China )....

#10 by Skinner Styl skinner - 4/4/2004 12:30:41 PM
, yeah I gues so. I just got a responce from treetog. He isn't too happy about me wanting to use the name I gues I won't do it then.

#42 by Skinner Styl skinner - 4/5/2004 10:07:15 AM
Dangeruss said he didn't care and I could use it but you guys are right, if the other members have problems with it I will just not use it.... too bad.

#50 by Skinner Styl skinner - 4/5/2004 4:52:21 PM
It will remain styl-x. I came up with the name skindicate when I was talking with a friend and we were found it a great name, he already wanted to order it but I just wanted to know some second opinions about it, then found this out.
The new design we made will be used for styl-x as wel as the new style and the new way we handle projects.

I'd say based on your published decision, you went ahead anyway and used the name, this site sounds like a site I want to do business with
on Aug 14, 2004
on Aug 14, 2004
Essencay, its just that styl-x dasn't fit anymore. I think styl-x was nice at first to get into business but it just isn't suitable anymore.
Also, I have looked into other names, like 'skinformation', 'Skinterface', 'skinteractive' and a couple more. I am still looking but c'mon, skyndicat is just awesome and as long as treetog isn't ok with it, i am not going to use it, or atleast not going public. I just hope he is ok with skyndicate...

If this isn't good it might become skinformation or something with interface or interactive... I will just look trough it.
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