Skins and walls from Ron Meijer
I am working on this WMP skin, and have some problems with coding the sliders (volume and track)

A normal slider wouldn't be so hard, but I want my slider to be slightly bended, like showen on the screenshot below.

Any suggestions?

on Aug 31, 2003
on Sep 02, 2003
I havent done any experimenting with that, so I'm not sure. I'm sure someone else knows this though. They just need to see this thread. Good luck!
on Sep 02, 2003
I wrote microsoft about it, they replyed need with: what is your problem, can we help you, I sended some screenshots, and got back: sorry, we are intrested in helping people out, but not in creating new stuff... (think it dasn't exist...)

Have a temporary solution for it in my CoolPlayer skin
on Sep 08, 2003
you will ve to use the customslider element to create ur sliders...

check out the WMP SDK for the same...
m also working on a skin with curved sliders...

hope that helps...